The Assembly Band Movement is the department of pastoral care, and its purpose is to ensure each member is provided with the proper care and discipleship. The ABM strives to keep, mature, and equip every member of The Church of God.

To accomplish this task, this small group ministry holds regular prayer meetings, Bible studies, and other encouraging fellowships. Each activity is intended to encourage and unify the believers.

Every member of each local church is important, and the ABM diligently labors to strengthen each one. This includes the local church’s ministry. The Assembly Band Movement also honors the ministers and works to keep those who labor for us encouraged and motivated to continue the work of the Lord.

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Help for those in Need

Floods, hurricanes, avalanches, tornados, or fires can happen almost anywhere at anytime. Emergency dollars are monies to help local churches when tragedies occur that cannot otherwise be financially managed.

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